Dreun - 10111 - cover

New realease on Belgian Neumusik, set free beginning 2018.

Pictures by Pats.

When 0 and 1 come together 2 and 3 can appear. Concatenation of 2 and 3 results in 10111 in the binary thinking ... 10111 is the result of a number of reflections in the binary thinking, in which 0 and 1 exist. This work would not have been possible with only a 0 or a 1. After all, when everything is one, there is no creation possible, because everything has already been created. It is therefore necessary a kind of fictional separation is made in the unity to make the distinction, ex. between nothing (0) and something (1). Once this separation is made, the origin of this separation needs to be forgotten to fully dive into the creation process in which unity is expressed as duality and it thereby can experience itself. Tensions arise within this game. 10111 expresses this tension through repetitive air movements.