Jovica Storer

  • Jovica Storer

    (listen - ambient - electronical)

    Jovica Storer is a very creative musical mind and addicted to aural vibrations ever since his youth. An artist to follow on his adventures to explore new territory on the planet of electronic sound.


  • triolog playing live

    (musical triologues towards trimensional orbital states)

    A meeting of three multi-instrumentalists from different fields:
    -> Joost Carpentier (keyboards, electronics, ...)
    -> Johan Van den Abeele (soprano & tenor sax, wind controller, flutes)
    -> Raphaël De Cock (vocals, jew's harps, ethnic wind instruments) (bio see


Connecting Silence

  • (stillness - painted - horizontal)

    Connecting Silence is the chance meeting between two ambient soundscape-artists with the same interests, but a totally different approach of sound-art.

Cycles Of Moebius

  • (spiraling - twisted - electronical)

    Cycles Of Moebius is a fine collaboration of two different musical minds bouncing together. The results are timeless loops and shapes with here and there the odd twist included. But in whatever direction your are playing them, they all land on the same spot again and again.


  • (rambling - speechless - unforgiven)

    Dreunigheit is an non-existing old Dutch word which means 'to have the characteristic of a dronastic sound'.


  • Lounasan

    (voyage - ambient - electronical)

    Travelling without moving! It all happens in your mind and in an undefined deep area of your belly. And then you have the music.

Music For Installations

  • Music For Installations

    (dark - dark ambient - drone):

    Where sound meets space! Imagine being in a dark rectangular room with speakers in the four corners and only you as an object, absorbing the sound.


  • Onsturicheit

    (wild - analog - psychedelic)

    Onsturicheit is Dutch for wildness, uncontrolledness, makingashitloadofnoiseness, but always very vivid and not by definition dark. Your perfect companion for an adventure in analogue sounds (and gear!).


  • (dream - sleep - drone)

    Dreun is all about dreaming. Dreaming of the present, the future and the past, induced by divine musical interferences. Dreun is best listened to on headphones on a low volume while lying in bed...

Karim S Featuring Lounasan

  • Karim S featuring Lounasan

    (upbeat - progressive - technoïd)

    A venture into techno sounds with a little progressive twist. Karim S, together with Lounasan are both addicted to cool sounding loops and beats, so this is a perfect match for dance music.