Indian Summer

Karim S Featuring Lounasan - Indian Summer - album cover

Another Bonzai Progressive Release on Beatport!

Take from the relaese notes:

"First up we have the title track, Indian Summer which intros with a nice chunky kick drum and rolling bassline combi. Bright, crispy hi hats cut through the lower frequencies as mesmerizing pads float overhead. Cool vocals add a nice vibe to the groove as cosmic elements rise up. Ethereal, cascading arpeggios on the break take the track to the next level before we come back to the main groove for the duration. A top-notch progressive mover that will not disappoint.

Next up we have the Original Mix of The Sunny Voices. The intro boasts a stuttering bassline groove with a live feeling drum arrangement adding a nice rhythmic vibe. A much deeper bassline fades in with smooth note changes that give the track a dynamic edge. Cool melodies add a beautiful texture to the sound, in the subtlest of ways that really draws you in. The break is a sublime affair as a captivating voice is joined by arpeggios and pads creating a hypnotic groove. An excellent slice that is not to be missed.

Formwandler gets to grips with The Sunny Voice providing a solid interpretation with a classic, retro themed twist all wrapped up in an epic track that will boost any late-night session. The intro eases us into the groove with a series of soft sounds before a nice thumping beat takes over alongside shuffling hi hats. The darkness in the groove is prevalent and this is enhanced with the introduction of retro style 303 lines. A driving, hypnotically charged slice that is an absolute must have."

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