Colours in November

Exciting news from Music For Installations. The first track 'Fear' has been used on the soundgate exhibition. Soundgate was also an on-site event where people could actually listen to tracks on headphones. Music For Installations particulary liked the 'patience' concept. Check this quote: "(quote:) The audience will only be able to access the sound through high quality headphones and track information will be displayed on a screen. This means that there's no audience interaction such as skipping, fast-forwarding or stopping. This clearly challenges new concepts such as ”on-demand” and requires old school skills such as patience."

logo soundgate

Further on, Lounasan has created a more up-temp track that used only Viral Outbreak-sounds from Nucleus Soundlab (well, apart from the drums). This track now appears on the Camel Audio website, presenting their much applauded Alchemy Synthesiser.

Working on releases, we expect a new release from Lounasan and from Sjoko. Also we will introduce a new project Sleep. So more music will follow shortly.

Peace... also in 2011.