Cosmic Nights - Planetarium Brussels Live

May will be an interesting month as Jovica Storer and Lounasan join forces in their project Cycles Of Moebius. May 29th in the evening, they will perfrom live their musical expressions. The music will be completely new for this occassion. This day will also mark the release of their four (yes... four) CD-box RGBW. They worked hard on this music which bring you into the twisted musical world of our two hero's! On Cosmic Nights, there will be an introduction price to the box. You can contact us for more information, but we expect to put it also on Bandcamp.

Dreun released some new recycled droney loops in the album Waarom. Have a look there for more info.

C-O-L-O-U-R-S is expanding its presence also on the bandcamp page. A lot of albums can be downloaded there. Big hug for all who supported the artists so far.

This summer, the live set performed by Music for Installations in the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent will be released on the Databloem label.


Cosmic Nights 2015 poster