Exposition and Release Jovica Storer

Hi you,

We are happy to annouce that a new release is coming to the world by Jovica Storer. Jovica worked again for the Exposition of Opinions of Art in Ghent, that will be hold from 11/09 to 26/09. The expo is called 'Innerlijk Ritme'. This is Dutch for "inner rhythm". Soon you might expect the availability of a more than four-hour journey of music made by wizard Jovica. We are looking forward to this release!

flyer expo


You are off course welcome on the expo. The Opinions of Art-Expo runs in 't Hof van Ryhove, Onderstraat 22, 9000 GHENT, Belgium.
Access free on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 till 26 September 2010, from 13 till 19 h.
Opening ceremony with reception on 11 September at 19 h.
Website: www.opinions-of-art.be

Futher Music For Installations has released the album Dark Side which is an adventure trough some dark emotions. This is a very interesting listening experience. The first track has been used for the exposition of Soundlab VII which opened its virtual doors beginning of September 2010.

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Peace from c-o-l-o-u-r-s